Your body, Your Diet

We’re back to another health topic. And today we read a bit about some popular diets some people follow. There are thousands of these, some for losing weight, some for gaining, some for living longer and the perfect ones for living shorter :) We here, only look for a few of them.

Ketogenic Diet

Start of another long week makes me feel weak.

But today is special! Today marks the first quarter since I launched the newsletter. I must say it’s been a great journey so far. My 10th issue covers how it started and today I’d like to talk more. Because it’s been 3 months since the launch and the there’s story you don’t see, but I do :p

Let’s get on it

You already may have realized I’m not targeting any particular field of interest with Knowledge*Day, I just share a brief overview of topics I find interesting, and all these have…

The magnificent and noble creatures that have enchanted young and adult kids across the globe through the ages. They are a symbol of purity, goodness, and freedom. It’s also believed that they don’t exist (neither does freedom). Today we settle with the truth — they are often associated with rainbows and that means they are a symbol of homosexuality.

I hope you’re doing amazing! This article, however, is about those who aren’t.
Well, that was quick. But no, it’s not about depression. Depending on how you see it, this one has bits that usually people find tasty.

If you are a vegetarian, this is for you
If you are a non-vegetarian, this is for you
If you are Bear Grylls, this is nothing new

Humans — The superior race…allegedly

Full of pride, we’ve gained superiority over every creature on this planet, almost (corona says otherwise). Animals are mainly seen with two viewpoints. We either wanna pet them cause they’re cute or we can’t care…

These are the only two companies competing in the PC CPU master race. But let’s zoom back to 50 years ago and read how the journey so far has been.

The birth (1968–1969)

John Carter was the president of the Fairchild Semiconductor company back in the 20th century. Somewhere in the 1960s, He used all company profits to fund unprofitable ventures — talk about bad investments. And then was asked to resign.

Many people under him switched to competitors — to National Semiconductor, Molectro, etc. Bob Noyce was considered the natural successor to Carter, but the board decided not to promote him to…

Different countries handled Covid-19 in different ways. Worked for some, you know about the rest. We look at the examples of smart leadership that managed to keep the numbers low.

Let’s dive right in.

Taiwan — Not china — shows how it’s done
(454 cases; 7 deaths)

You read those numbers right, that’s latest, from the neighbor of the epicenter of a global pandemic.

Taiwan has set an example for the world. They didn’t stop the economy from affecting businesses. Instead quickly closed borders and began mobile Sim-tracking to identify and ensure those in quarantine zones were abiding by the rules. While the count was low.

Yep, the use of SIM-tracking has given…

— In the Human History

My country of origin - India climbed up to the third position in the world corona rankings replacing Russia from the position. We are no more the the country with lowest Cases/million people.

Also, while India’s current total active cases are a quarter of the USA’s, but our DAC(daily active cases) at times match to the half of the USA’s DAC. Which means we currently have the fastest growing graph. And if continued the same way, we could reach up to the top position real soon. The clock is ticking and so are humans.


All scams and frauds have a single motive: To stash in cash. Do you know about the biggest accounting scandal of all time?


Not just the biggest accounting scandal, it’s also the biggest bankruptcies of all time — in the US. Talk about going bankrupt with $4billions in hand? Bernie Ebbers (CEO) is a mastermind with this one.

What comes to mind when you hear that name? Drugs, kidnappings, murders? Narcos!
But not all that today. What are we talking about here then? Is it not related to Pablo Escobar?
Well, it is. But not entirely. Escobar Inc. is the Escobar holding company established in 1984 by Roberto Escobar — brother of Pablo Escobar.

The past of this brand is fun to explore but for now, let’s just look at the online presence of the company — It ain’t too shabby. It’s a pretty recent story really. These guys were on a rampage mission to kill Apple and…

By Yash Yadav on The Capital

Coinus Halvenus

If you have been an avid internet user, you probably have recently read about bitcoin halving.

If not, you’re wrong because I just said it! and now I’ll explain.

But let’s slow down and talk about bitcoin first. Not everyone has had the time to pay much attention to it, considering it just another buzzword or a piece of IT jargon. Especially if you’ve been busy writing fictional stories lately;

If your reply to that tweet is: “+1”, then fret not as today is KnowledgeDay!

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that works on the blockchain principle. Robin seems to be…

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